Emil Andersson as Aegon Targaryen

Aegon Targaryen, also know as the "Red Prince", is the first born son and heir of King Rhaegar Targaryen I and his first wife, Princess Elia Martell of Dorne. Often found in the company of childhood friends Tycen Lannister, Tybolt Lannister and Devan Connington, and is currently married to his half-sister, Princess Visenya Targaryen. On occasion, he can be found exchanging pleasantries, information and games of wit with Varys around the grounds of the Red Keep. He is the current Lord of Dragonstone and heir to the Iron Throne, and is widely beloved by the people he is set to rule, despite spending most of his young life behind the sheltered walls of the Red Keep.

He is bonded to Aemithor, the first Dragon to be hatched since the extinction of Dragons in Westeros in 153AC.

Appearance & CharacterEdit

Unlike his elder sister, Princess Rhaenys, Aegon inherited much of the Blood of Old Valyria and very little of the typical Dornish features. His silver gold hair is often worn long and loose, the pale almost iridescent strands having a slight curl toward the ends where they rest half-way down his back. He seldom wears it tied, usually when he's reading, writing or partaking in formal duties. When it is tied, it's often in the familiar Targaryen and Old Valyrian styles which have survived the generations. His angular face is devoid of facial hair, and his pale skin sports a peppering of freckles along his shoulder blades, a half-shade darker than his porcelain tones that are only visible when light are cast directly upon them. His eyes are a light lavender, bright and sharp with clarity, and shot through with veins of deep indigo, the very same shade that graces his father's eyes.

Unlike his father, Aegon is lithe and trim in appearance, his muscles well toned and shaped around his svelte 6'1 frame. It lends a dangerous grace to the Prince's already light footed steps, and often ethereal appearance. While it can be said with certainty that Elia left only the most careful of handprints upon her son, the Martell's serpentine affinity did not escape in branding him with their mark. He is quick and agile on his feet, and prefers to use a spear (like his Uncle, Prince Oberyn Martell) and short swords opposed to the larger two handed swords his kin, Knights and Nobles tend to fancy. Though he wields them just fine and with commendable, fearsome skill if nessecary.

Aegon inherited the melancholy note which has often cast a shadow of the life of his father, having been born during the coming of the War of the Seven, tales of the War and the subsequent death of his mother have haunted him for most of his life. Despite his own bookish and reserved nature, and the obvious chokehold he has imposed on himself with his more warmer and delicate emotions, he is an engaging and charming young man who has the hearts and minds of his people in his best interests. He is of quick wit and diplomatic skill, able to appease and delight those he engages with, and takes active interest in the Game of Thrones and all of it's participants. The Prince is incredibly dedicated to his family, and cares for them deeply, holding no truer loyalty than to his own blood and despite his own shortcomings emotionally, tries to engage and help them with each and every one of their goals in his own way. He shares a particular strong and unique bond with his youngest brother, Prince Aelix Targaryen, and is one of his more stalwart defenders whenever a brow is raised to his particular outbursts.

It is not to say that Aegon is without negativity, the Prince is remarkably good at keeping his less than approving ticks under wraps or dusting them with a fine coating of flourished words and competent explanations. Perhaps it is this frightening realization and knowing of oneself which makes him ardent to keep the thin veil of illusion upon them at all times. He is particularly vain man, and cares a great deal about his appearance despite his active and enthusiastic partaking in Tournaments and Spars that would dishevel or disfigure him, his clothes are well fitted and made from dyed cloths near and far. He also has a taste for fine wines and jeweled pieces outside of Westerosi artisans circuits. Some of his rings and cuffs have been purchased from merchants from the free cities.

When roused to a state of anger, Aegon is frighteningly cold and remorseless in his tactics in seeing those that have wronged him, his house and his friends suffer. His anger is slow to ignite, and a wildfire once started, a swirling upward hurricane with little ending in sight. Relentless, ruthless and calculated, he displays an amount of feral tenacity in seeing them bend knee willingly or on a broken bones, his words are sharp and snapped, spoken with slitted pupils and twisted lips. They are precise in their deployment, each particular word is chosen for effect and punctuation to see those on the recieving end squirm and flinch with each incendiary and whiplike remark.

Honor is merely a formality, and appearance to seem the higher man, is something he maintains the illusion of but holds very little in the center of his path. He has little qualms in pulling strings under the table to see them really roll onto their backs. 

Despite the less desirable traits of his personality, his dedication, love, talents and noble heart, as well as his participation in events all across the Seven Kingdom's, and appearances within the City, have won him the people's favor. 


Born upon the last fringes of waning peace and the beginnings of the War of the Seven, Aegon was born in 283AC to Princess Elia Martell of Dorne and Rhaegar Targaryen. Healthy, at the cost of nearly claiming his mothers life, while she eventually recovered during the War of the Seven prior to her death, Aegon proved to be the last child Elia could carry. There was little time for the Prince's birth to be celebrated, nor for him to feel the warmth of his mothers embrace or to hear her sweet words of love and adoration. He and Elia were separated, the Sand Princess being spirted to Starfall in the region of Dorne for her own safety, while Aegon himself was taken to Griffin's Roost, the historical seat of House Connington by Lord Jon Connington, to be protected and hidden from the oncoming events.

His young life is protected and heavily guarded, the War of the Seven claimed much from House Targaryen and their allies. Princess Rhaenys had been assassinated en route to Dragonstone, and Elia had been murdered when summoned back to King's Landing at the end of the War. To this end, Aegon was sheltered much of his young life, there was a constant, steady stream of guards and nannies to tend to his every whim under the careful and intense gaze of Rhaegar and his she-wolf, Lyanna Stark. Lyanna was regarded just as Elia would of been to the young Prince, she was his mother and the winter rose of the crownlands, the she-wolf who had taken a wayward hatchling beneath her fearsome paw.

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