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Drax the White

Hatched in 286AC, Drax (Dracks), often called "the White" or "the Pale Shadow", was the third to hatch in Westeros since their extinction from their shores in 153AC, from the Eggs found under the Dragonmont by King Rhaegar Targaryen I. His hatching came shortly after Princess Daenerys Targaryen's own Egg hatched into the black dragon, Vaelyx. The successful hatching of the third egg instilled hope that all the Dragon Eggs from uncovered lair would yield living hatchlings.

The colour of Drax's egg was Cream, flecked with Gold and White whorls.

His first and current rider is Prince Viserys Targaryen.

Appearance & Character Edit

The third largest of the Targaryen brood hatched under the reign of King Rhaegar Targaryen I, Drax is by no means a small creature. Sixteen years of ravenous appetite and plenty of territory to range have made him an impressive beast to behold in the skies, shadowing his black and crimson scaled brother in size. Where Aemithor and Vaelyx are muscular and broad bodied, Drax's physique is sleek and agile. His rider, Viserys Tagaryen, has high hopes that he will grow to the sizes of other fabled Targaryen Dragon's of legend.

Just as Aemithor's parentage is under speculation, Drax is speculated to be a surviving egg from a clutch sired by Sunfyre the Golden.

His scales are pale cream in coloration, and shimmer with a breathtaking iridescence best seen at dawn and on a cloudless day when the sun is at it's zenith. His horns, wings and spinal crests are the colour of polished gold, brighter and purer than any vein of the precious ore pulled from the ground. The colour of Drax's eyes are molten gold, seemingly shifting and swirling in the light, within them burn a cunning intelligence. Finally, the colour of Drax's fire is pale gold, shot through with burnished gold and flecked with orange. While his frontal cone is comparable to the rest of his brood, with the exception of Aemithor, Drax's fire has a longer range.

Drax is an intuitive, cunning and intelligent Dragon. There is little that escapes his notice, many have claimed that the white dragon has watched them with an unnerving amount of interest that cannot be passed off as anything but sinister. By far one of the most vocal of the brood, the white dragon can often be heard before he is seen, and can be found hissing and grumbling in response to his rider and those around him. Fiercely bonded to Viserys since he was but a hatchling carried in his arms, Drax is overprotective of the Prince and has little difficulty in expressing or displaying his displeasure or guarding nature should anyone he deems inappropriate gets too close. He's also unafraid to personally stick his snout into his bonded's business when he can. He is difficult to manage for anyone else, even other members of the royal family whom he has grown up alongside, making it problematic for his caretakers to care for the beast, and completely dangerous for strangers to approach.

Like his rider, the dragon also has a rather tempestuous temper when riled, uncompromising and fearsome in his wrath, unrestrained in brandishing his talons and teeth, and utterly terrifying when he unleashes his fire. Drax has little love for his enemies both self-made, inherited from his rider and those Viserys loves.

His relationship with the rest of his brethren can be summed up as complex, depending on which dragon he interacts with independently. Drax has a penchant for instigating and causing tension among the other two larger dragons, preying on the dominance struggles which are often the source of tension between Aemithor and Vaelyx. Otherwise, he displays a level of begrudging respect to the Red King, and a more brotherly affection for Daenerys' black beast. To the rest of the brood, he's most content to deal with one or more of them in wide open space where there is plenty of space for them to stretch their wings.

History Edit

Unearthed with a handful of other intact Dragon Egg's under the Dragonmont on Dragonstone in 284AC, after deciphering texts found in 283AC which had survived from a time before the extinction of Dragon's in Westeros. The discovery of Dragon Eggs was one of excitement and skepticism, the Eggs, some theorized to have dated prior to the Dance of the Dragons, during and perhaps after — had not felt the touch of Old Valyria nor seen the light of day for an age, the likelihood of them hatching was a questionable topic at best, and a foolish hope but never said in the minds of others.

Among the clutch of precious, glittering eggs was one whose shell was a pale cream, flecked and painted with whorls of gold and white. Heavy, with smooth slightly spined scales that when turned, reflected the light of the fire with splendor and beauty. The Egg was gifted to Prince Viserys Targaryen who was seven years old at the time, at the behest of his elder brother, King Rhaegar Targaryen I. Each of the Eggs were given to the children and siblings of Rhaegar, in hopes that they would hatch and thrive.

The cream Egg remained dormant with seven other eggs taken from the discovered lair, Aegon Targaryen's Egg however, hatched the same year into the crimson and black dragon, Aemithor. Initially heartbroken that his own Egg was not the first to hatch, Viserys became determined to keep the Egg close to him at all times, going so far to keep it in bed with him when he slept.

It would not be until 286AC that the Cream Egg along with it's Charcoal sibling, would hatch. The Black Egg hatched first, owned by Daenerys Targaryen who would come to be called Vaelyx, a week later, the Cream Egg splintered and cracked, revealing the pale dragon within. Drax proved to be a lively and protective hatchling from the moment he broke free of his shell, coiling around the young prince and hissing at strange faces and fingers which came too close.

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