Alexis Ren as Rhaenna Targaryen

Known as the "Silver Princess", the realm and the Kings beloved, born of Silver hair and storm filled gaze, Princess Rhaenna Velaryon nee Targaryen has been the apple of her fathers eye since she first opened her own. Gifted with the same melodic skills as her father on the harp, and with his vast thirst for history such as he. It has never been doubted whos daughter she was. Of course, until her stagnant purple and azure egg never so much as flinched within her presence. Now going on five years with her white direwolf by her side, the Crownlands Princess has recently been wed to the young Lord Lucerys Velaryon, the pair now residing over his ancestral home of High Tide on Driftmark. Played by Oswin on ATEAO.

Appearance & Character Edit

With all the looks of the house Targaryen, save for the violet gaze, Rhaenna is almost the spit of all the glory and beauty that the house boasts. With silver tresses and storm filled gaze, she holds all the grace and eloquence of her house and the ferocity of her winter ancestors. Steel gaze is framed with a small oval features, high brows and softened cheekbones. Never one to be praised for her height, the Princess is sure to make up for it in other ways.

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